C. Burton Coatings powder coating. Provider of Maxi Flow, electrostatic and fluidized bed powder coating services

Powder Coating

C. Burton Coatings has over 20 years experience providing the full range of powder coating services to manufacturers from varied industries. We specialize in high volume production runs geared towards larger manufacturers. We have a highly automated process that allows us to powder coat your product efficiently and at a consistent thickness.
powder coating for high volume manufacturing runs

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Fluidized Bed, Electrostatic, Maxi-Flow Powder Coating processes

C. Burton Coatings is capable of many different powder coating processes. We can help you determine the best and most cost effective process for your powder coating needs. We are capable of doing Fluidized Bed, Electrostatic and Maxi-Flow, a new generation in Powder Coating Processes which means we have the ability to powder coat your products the way they should be.

Learn about: Maxi-Flow A new generation in Powder Coatings!™

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Parts storage and order turnaround

Do you anticipate a large quantity of parts to be coated but are unsure of how often and at what quantities you'll need them?

We offer in house parts storage for your raw stock. Just place an order and we can pull it from the shelf, powder coat it and ship it out to you.